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Expert Cleaning

PROCLEAN AUTO WASH WAS STARTED BY JOHN ZAYAC IN 1986. His mission was to provide the best car wash experience along with the best customer service in the industry. Over the years his passion for washing cars continues to grow. We currently have 28 self-service car washes, many of those also have touchless in-bay automatics. We strive to use the best available soaps and waxes while still offering value to the consumer.

We employ over 25 full and part-time car wash managers as well as our own service division that maintains and improves our locations to stay current and competitive. If you have never visited one of our locations, you should come to see what makes us one of the industry leaders in vehicle cleaning.

Touchless Wash Technology

We use just the right water pressure to consistently deliver a clean vehicle wash at every visit.

Tunnel and Express washes use brushes and cloths that when dirty from the prior car can cause considerable paint damage and even when clean can cause micro scratches over time with continued use. They are also known for ripping off wipers and mirrors.  According to Consumer Reports “black exterior trim could end up scratched in washes with hard bristles if they start to fray and get sharp edges.” See Consumer Reports.

Wash safely at our touchless auto washes!

Environmentally Safe and Green

We use environmentally friendly biodegradable chemicals and each location has multiple underground tanks that isolate sediment, soaps, heavy metals, and oils from wastewater before being sent to a water treatment facility.  After the tanks are filled, an EPA certified company that handles hazardous materials disposes of them in a safe manner.

Washing at home causes soaps and chemicals to enter the stormwater system and heads straight into our lakes and streams. Such pollution is bad for fish and our environment See here. Using a commercial car wash can save more than 50% of the water used at home.

Love stopping on the way home and getting a quick wash, so convenient!

Jay P

It was everything and more. The tire degreaser clean my rims without using a brush, a feature I have never seen before.

Daniel J

One of the Better self serve Car washes near my neighborhood.

Jose D